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Oct 2
“We all fall down
But you refuse to get back on your feet again
You closed your eyes
and said goodbye to all of those who loved you”
We All Fall Down by All Time Low

“And I’ll borrow words from all my favourite paragraphs
To write a ballad while we say the things
We’d hope would mean the most to me
And each line is sent
I have found a new pages of hope for the days
when I feel like I’ve lost everything”
The Last Something That Meant Anything by Mayday Parade

Oct 1
“Take off your colours
Who are you wearing them for?
Tick off your lovers,
All respect was left at the door.
I had front row seats to you on your knees,
It was everything I hoped it be”
Take Off Your Colours by You Me At Six

“Love me as you lay
Dizzy and falling, your legs dangling
Although accidents happen
They happen to me
Try to forget the beginning and end”
I’d Rather Die Than Be Famous by Pierce The Veil


We are thrilled to announce Leg 2 of @rockstarenergy presents #theworldtour. Presale & VIP bundles are on sale now here:


We are thrilled to announce Leg 2 of @rockstarenergy presents #theworldtour. Presale & VIP bundles are on sale now here:

Sep 30
“And I’m afraid that I can’t paraphrase
Oh just let me feel (just let me feel) the way I want
My heart sings a solemn song
You know I look; I looked at you in silence
Twilights such sweet, sweet thoughts
Your lips are smooth; your cheek will soon press mine”
You Talk and I’ll Listen by The Ready Set

“When she says she loves you
Tell her you love her too
But don’t you run away run away
When you get tired
Cus this will slip away slip away
And start a fire
That can never be put out
Oh hurry time is running out
But don’t you run away run away
Before you tell her
You love he”
Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith

All Time Low Begin Recording New Album With John Feldmann



All Time Low have begun recording their new album with producer John Feldmann. Check out a tweet from the band below after the jump.

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Sep 29
“As my life hangs from a string.
And you have grabbed the scissors.
Was it just a summer fling?
As these flowers start to wither.
And no matter what I think.
As you will make decisions.
And I can’t even blink cause I lost all my ambitions.”
You’ve Got It Made by We Are The In Crowd

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