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Jul 27

It’s been awhile since I done this

I am wide awake
You told me I was lucky,
So we stand here with our lives packed up in boxes.
I’ve been saving myself for you.
Every shooting star reminds me when Hollywood lost the brightest
I watch the bathwater drain
We get in our own way, tripping on our feet.
If you love somebody
Flowers in her hair, she don’t care
The night rolls on like the beat of a drum

Jul 26

Pierce The Veil - Hold On Till’ May


Pierce The Veil - Hold On Till’ May

What are some of your favorite lyrics from the bands listed below?

  • All Time Low
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • You Me At Six

for now only from these bands, will be asking later from other bands.

Jul 25
“Then I lost it all
Dead and broken.
My back’s against the wall.
Cut me open.
I’m just trying to breathe,
Just trying to figure it out
Because I built these walls to watch them crumbling down.
I said, “Then I lost it all.”
And who can save me now?”
Lost It All by Black Veil Brides

What are you currently listening too?

These songs I play at least once everyday, sometimes more than once lol

  • The Ready Set - Fangz
  • The Word Alive - Lighthouse
  • Echosmith - Cool Kids
  • Breathe Carolina - Bang It Out

Shuffle Friday #27

  1. Imagine Dragons - Underdog
  2. For All Those Sleeping - Incomplete Me
  3. The Maine - I’m Sorry
  4. A Rocket To The Moon - Lost and Found
  5. Hands Like Houses - Wisteria
  6. Pierce The Veil - Falling Asleep On A Stranger
  7. Parachute - She Is Love
  8. All Time Low - No Idea
  9. We Came As Romans - Hope
  10. The Summer Set - About A Girl

Jul 24
Photo by Matt Vogel

Photo by Matt Vogel

“Let’s take this a second at a time,
Let’s take this one song, this one rhyme,
Together, let’s breathe,
Together, to the beat,
But there’s hope out the window,
So that’s where we’ll go,
Let’s go outside and all join hands,
But until then you’ll never understand.”
Guns For Hands by Twenty One Pilots

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